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Management in the VUCA world

Jens Ocksen

 We live today in the VUCA-world. It means that the world around us is constantly changing, and at a very fast pace. The systems in our global and digital world are becoming more and more sensitive to external influences. For this reason the role of manager should change as well - the managers need not only to manage the team, they need to provide the employees with direction. They need to explain to them “why” we do certain things and to give the employees the chance to understand things. To give clarity to employees and present interconnections to employees in a clear and understandable manner is one of the most important challenges of the modern management. Companies need to continually adapt to new challenges and managers need to regularly review their behavior and reactions in order to not fail, as well. What better place to do this than at the university?

The lecture “Management in the VUCA-world” will show the best practice of the collaboration between business and universities on the example of Volkswagen Poznań and Technical University Poznań where both sides learn how to function in the multicultural, international environment, full of “why”-questions all around us.


Jens Ocksen -  Since 2014 CEO of Volkswagen Poznan and Board Member VW Commercial Vehicles; 1993-1996 production manager at the Volkswagen plant in Taiwan. Since 1996 managerial positions in departments by the assembly of LT, T4 and T5 models; 2003-2006 VW Group Quality Assurance Department (responsible for the release of the production start of VW models worldwide). 2006-2010 the CEO of VW Poznań; 2010-2014 Board Member for Production in the VW Commercial Vehicles.